FabSLAM showcases 3D solutions to common issues in transportation


Students from across the Treasure Valley competed in the FabSLAM Showcase STEM event at Boise State University on Saturday.

The event, hosted by the Idaho STEM Action Center, challenges students to use 3-D printing to solve problems. This year, students were asked to come up with a solution to a common issue surrounding transportation.

One local team of 5th grade girls may not have come out victorious in the competition, but they do have a lot to be excited about!

The 'Savage Printers' from Lake Ridge Elementary in Nampa is an all-girl team among the youngest to compete. They came up with a way to get your car unstuck from mud or snow using a plow that folds up underneath your vehicle, along with the option to spray sand or salt out from underneath!

It's a really neat concept, but it didn't quite go the distance against the competition.

Here are the ideas that won:

  1. Team RUGG3D GRLZ Basin Elementary School in Idaho City won the top prize with their H2GO (short for "Hydration 2 Go"), a beverage holder that can attach to anything. It was originally conceived for their mentor's son, who couldn't reach his bottle while in his car seat.
  2. In second place was team R3DNECKS from Idaho City Middle School. Their project Lyfekanister is a modular canister for cars and small airplanes that contains survival tools, including a first aid kit, paracord, matches, flint and steel, water, food, compass, arrow heads, fishing flies and line, and a traction belt to help get a vehicle unstuck.
  3. In third place was Emmett Middle School's team "Let's PLA" with the Green Light Project -- solar-powered lights to embed in roads so drivers can see the lines dividing the lanes when visibility is poor (at night, when raining or snowing or foggy, etc.).

The teams in first, second and third place, as well as the winner of the Student's Choice Award received prize money to continue 3D design and fabrication instruction at their school.

The Student's Choice Award ended in a tie between R3DNECKS and PRP from Pepper Ridge Elementary School in Boise. PRP created Walk-a-Pocket, a walking stick that replaces a backpack with an attaching box to hold your wallet and/or keys, a hook to hold your coat, and a bracket to hold a water bottle.

See photos from the FabSLAM Showcase STEM event here.

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