Dutch Bros., STEM Action Center Foundation sending kids to Reuseum camps

Dutch Bros., STEM Action Center Foundation sending kids to Reuseum camps.

Reuseum Educational Inc. is advancing STEM education for youth with a grand gesture from Dutch Bros and STEM Action Center.

The two groups granted more than $35,000 to fund camps that explore science, technology, engineering and math concepts today at the State Capitol Building.

Dutch Bros donated $12,500 from drink sales and that money was matched by 50 cents on the dollar by the Stem Action Center.

Reuseum is a non-profit that provides materials and expertise in the support of scientific and technology education. Steven Rodoletz, the Executive Director of Reuseum Educational Inc., believes children should start young so that they should not fear or feel that these fields are not for them.

"We’re going to be able to do lots and lots more. Workshops and classes that will either be extremely low cost and most instances we hope to make some totally free to children who want them. And I think a lot of children really do want them." Rodoletz said.

This generous donation is an effort to raise awareness of STEM education on the youth and their future success.

"They may decide to become engineers, inventors and creators themselves in later days. What we do at Resuseum Educational Inc., is introduce these children to these disciplines in a fun and exciting fashion." Rodoletz said.

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