All-girl robotics group to represent Idaho in LEGOLAND!

They call themselves 'Girlz Got Skillz' (KBOI Staff).

Who said engineering isn't for girls?!

An all-girl team will be representing the state of Idaho in the 2018 FIRST LEGO League International open in California, and more importantly, in LEGOLAND!

"People think not many girls could do this type of thing," said Tessa Crook, a member of the team. "So, it's cool to have an all-girl team who can actually do it."

They call themselves 'Girlz Got Skillz.'

"I remember when we were coming up with a name, I was really passionate about having a name that included 'girls' in it because it's unique to find an all girl team," said Katie Jonas, a team member.

It's not only the name of their team — these girlz got some serious skillz.

They built a LEGO robot completely from the ground up!

"It's a lot of fun to do all this stuff," said Katie. "To engineer, create, and design! It's really cool."

The Girlz won first place to at the South Idaho Tournament. So, now they'll go on to represent our state in LEGOLAND this May.

"It's very, very exciting and fun when you get to go because you get to see what the other teams have worked on hard throughout the season," said Jantri Vanackern, a team member.

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