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Supporting women battling for their lives against cancer

Angela Nelson with Mountain America Credit Union surprises the women of Bustin' Out of Boise with a $500 Pay It Forward.

Bustin’ Out of Boise supports women who are battling cancer.

CBS 2 and Mountain America Credit Union discovered the group through a charity fundraiser at Brighton Collectibles in the Village at Meridian.

The fundraiser involves every Brighton store in the country, but each store gets to pick its own charity. Three years ago, the folks at the Brighton in the Village choose Bustin’ Out of Boise.

During October, for each “Power of Pink” bracelet sold at the store, $10 is donated to Bustin’ Out of Boise.

“To a lot of people ten dollars doesn't sound like a lot,” said Stacy Maechtle, the manager of the Brighton in the Village. “But it means a lot to a lot of women and I know it adds up.”

What exactly does Bustin’ Out of Boise do? Tami Malone, the co-founder, says they fill the gap. “We all wish that there was a cure someday and that's our hope and prayer, but we wanted to do something that would help them in the here and now.”

Bustin’ Out of Boise helps in areas that insurance and other organizations don’t cover. Primarily, they provide women with groceries, transportation and in-home care.

Tami said, “One of our very first recipients It was life-changing for her. Our in-home help picked her boys up and took them to Pop Warner Football and they cooked cookies and folded laundry, did homework and helped bathe her. She very much became a part of the family. There was the sense of keeping the home fires going.”

By taking care of the little things, they can help a woman concentrate on the big thing, winning her battle with cancer.

Bustin' Out of Boise President Karen Thompson, explained, "They can concentrate on getting healthy, not worry about whether they have food to feed their kids. Some women have to make the choice: Do I spend my money on medicine, do I spend my money on utilities or do I spend it on food? This kind of helps take some of that off their plate so they don't have to make that choice.”

Karen said the group started in 2009 by walking in various fundraisers around the west, but it didn’t take long for them to realize that they could have a very real impact on women’s lives in Treasure Valley. So, the decision was made. They established their own non-profit and kept the money home to benefit local women.

“This is where the true joy comes in,” said Tami. “To fill the gap has become very personal to us. We've had families tell us afterwards that we were there when they needed us most. That means everything.”

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