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Paying it forward: An old fire engine gets a new life

This 1996 Pierce fire engine is being donated by the Nampa Fire Department to the volunteer fire district in Sand Hollow.

Nampa firefighters are getting into the holiday spirit. They’ve given a little TLC to an old fire engine and are donating it to the volunteers of the Sand Hollow Fire District.

The fire engine is a Pierce. In its day, this Pierce was the Cadillac of fire engines, but that was more than 20-years ago.

It wasn’t babied. It's seen a lot of action on the streets of Nampa in those years. You might say it’s been “rode hard,” but it was also well cared for.

And even though it’s been replaced at Nampa’s Fire Station One with a new engine, that doesn't mean its useful life is over.

The city's fleet mechanics have given the old engine the once over: Pumps, motor, tires and more. And now it’s ready to begin a new life in Sand Hollow .

“We're giving them something we know will run. This could last them 5 to 10 years,” said Nampa Fire Chief Phil Roberts.

And there’s more to their gift than just a fire engine. They are also donating an Amkus extrication system with spreader and portable compressor. Fire Engine Driver Sarah Defur showed us the unit, “It's used in an auto accident where we can pry open doors, roofs, hoods – whatever we need to do to make our way to the patients.”

The Pierce fire engine will also have on board a few axes, communications gear and of course, fire lines and nozzles.

And that’s not all. There’s also turnout gear (that’s the stuff you see firefighters wear when they’re fighting fires) and an invitation to practice at the Nampa training facility.

It’s all to help out a rural fire district where the budget is tight and the firefighters are volunteers.

Chief Roberts said, “I think it’s pretty exciting. It builds morale, camaraderie. You know, the mutual agreement is that we're here to help. So if somebody's in need and we're able to help, let's do it!”

We think that deserves a Pay It Forward.

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