Pay It Forward: Boise's Got Faith

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise's Got Faith (BGF) is a home-grown charity that was founded in 2012 to help one little girl, Faith Canfield, in her battle against Leukemia. It started small, but each year Boise's Got Faith has grown -- adding one or two more children.

One of the children added this year is Brynlee Nebeker. "She's doing fantastic. We couldn't be happier," said Stephanie Nebeker, Brynlee's mother. And she credits some of their success to the support of Boise's Got Faith. "It is huge to have that. And it is nice to know people are willing to extend that not even knowing who we are."

The Focus is to help the families financially with all the expenses associated with the cancer treatment - expenses that are not covered by insurance. But that's not all, BGF also provides emotional and spiritual support.

BFG founder, Ryan Stearns, says they support the families financially. With the money raised, they pay for some the expenses connected to the cancer treatment that is typically not paid for by health insurance. What's more, they will also provide emotional and spiritual aid. Stearns is constantly reminding his supporters to pray for the welfare of the children. "I believe in the power of prayer," explained Stearns.

Ryan's motive for starting BGF is easy to understand. You see, Faith Canfield is his niece. When she was diagnosed, he remembered, "I was just heartbroken. I was devastated. I remember that week I was just crying out to God, I was just praying that whole week. Crying out, "how can I help my niece?"

He says he felt impressed to dedicate to her a race he'd entered. He started asked friends for pledges. And they started asking, "What more can we do?"

"We raised enough money to get my niece through her fight. And by the way, she's 100% cured and free of cancer now. We're very thankful for that. As we were closing down that year's event people were coming up and saying, "Hey, you got to do this again!"

That was the first of several miracles Ryan has seen through the charity. "(Each year) the amount of money that gets raised is always like just enough money for these families to get through the fight. So it has been beautiful," Ryan said.

A member of the BGF board, Stephanie Tomlinson, nominated Ryan for our Pay It Forward Award. She credits both his drive and his humility for the success of the organization. "He's got a great team of people around him. Look what it's become. It's just... It's amazing."

Ryan Stearns and Boise's Got Faith received a $500 Pay It Forward donation from Mountain America Credit Union to continue the work.

Receiving the money, he commented, "I feel so good and so privileged to be used to help love and serve these families."

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