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East Boise team bound for the Babe Ruth World Series

Batting practice for the girls of the East Boise 10U softball team.

Many of the girls on the East Boise 10U softball team have only been playing together for about five months, but they have become something special.

They have conquered just about every opponent and won both the state and the regional tournaments. On Friday, the team takes off for Florida and Babe Ruth World Series.

They have a shot at a national championship.

“I'm really happy, I want to do a dance,” said team catcher Ysabella Pereira. And it’s not just all the winning that making her and everyone else happy. They’re happy because they’re having fun.

Chris Pereira, who’s Ysabella’s dad and one of her coaches, explained, “They come out. They're relaxed. And they play for each other. And that's all that really matters. They're all happy. They leave with smiles. And that's ... That's what we preached.”

They're serious about the game, but they know it is still just a game. And games are supposed to be fun.

So, given the fact that they’re holding car washes and selling ice cream to raise the money they need to get to Florida and the World Series, Mountain America Credit Union and CBS 2 decide to help with a special Pay It Forward of $500 for the journey. We know they will “make us proud.”

If you’d also like to also help the team, click here for the gofundme page.

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