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Young students cultivate learning through animation

Wilder Elementary Animation Studio.jpg

Students at Wilder Elementary School are getting animated with their learning!

They are using professional video editing software to create videos from the ground up.

“The way we describe it to the students is it’s like puzzle pieces,” said Mike Nelson, Animation Teacher. “We create one puzzle piece at a time and then we put it all together.”

The program is designed to be a fun tool that gets kids excited about writing.

Students write their own scripts in the classroom. Then, they bring those scripts to the animation studio to put it all together.

Nelson says the students never fail to impress him with their talent.

“These students have great memories, great ideas, and that really helps bring their products to life,” Nelson said.

The animation studio has something for every student, from leading a newscast to working behind the scenes.

“It all comes together and it is fun to see,” said Marco Araugo, a student. “Sometimes it’s embarrassing. But, it’s good, you’re just shy.”

Students as young as second grade have been creating animated projects.

It's all part of the school's effort to personalize learning.

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