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Wilder School District animation class named nation’s best student-run animation studio

Wilder Animation class named nation’s Best Student-Run Animation Studio (Photo Courtesy: Mike Nelson)
Wilder Animation class named nation’s Best Student-Run Animation Studio (Photo Courtesy: Mike Nelson)
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Students and staff in the Wilder School District are raking in the awards with the latest being unveiled at the Egyptian Theater in Downtown Boise where these students are premiering an animated movie -

earning them the honor of #1 student-run animation studio in the nation.

The movie titled, "Return to Oz,"

This is Wilder School District’s second full-length feature film and the first time being honored by Los Angeles-based Wonder Media.

"I had approximately 100 students that partook in some part of this movie, from the art, from the writing to the voice acting and that's what makes it so fun, there are different avenues for different interests," says Animation teacher Mike Nelson.

This animated film was written, animated and voiced these students in the Wilder School District.

The school's animation teacher - Mike Nelson - says its an honor that his students worked hard for.

"We learn many aspects of film making from writing the story, writing the lyrics to songs, singing the songs, art, digital art, storyboards, students have to tell a story through their art, we also do special effects," Nelson explains. "They learn editing, they learn graphic design."

From voice acting - to creating music.

The hands-on opportunities are endless.

Junior Miguel Echegoyen showed us some of his work behind the scenes.

"Right now this is the track we use for a montage in the movie where they are cleaning up Oz," Echegoyen explains. "I have a couple keys preset up to show you so we start with the baseline. So right here we have a little drum and then to tie it all together we have the key to make up the montage."

All of this - coming together to create 'Return to Oz.'

"It's amazing, you see them light up, you see them light up when those ideas come to life on the screen, on the stage," Nelson explains.'

If you want to see the trailer for "Return to Oz" click HERE.

We are so thankful for all of our educators and leaders going above and beyond both in and out of the classroom and we want to share their success!

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