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Leaders in Learning: Treasure Valley students get excited about astronomy

Through a grant from Cap Ed, these students are getting hands on with astronomy (KBOI Staff).

Sixth graders in Middleton are learning about outer space from a new perspective!

"It just blows out minds," said Emilia Sharp, a sixth grader at Middleton Middle School. "We get to learn more about the world around us, even though it's not on Earth!"

Right now, students in Melinda Gage's sixth grade science class as Middleton Middle School are learning all about astronomy — the moon, the stars, the sun, and what makes our world go round.

Through a grant from the Cap Ed Foundation, they were able to get their hands on some awesome astronomy tools; including a moon phases kit, a planetarium, and a solar system scale model.

"We normally just read a textbook and wrote down stuff in our notebook," said Audrey S., a sixth grader. "I never understood it as much. But, once we got this money and these materials and the stuff for it, I really understood a lot more about our solar system and all the things we're learning in science."

They had tons of light bulbs going off

The tools are making a noticeable difference in the students' excitement to learn, according to Ms. Gage.

“They had tons of light bulbs going off," said Melinda Gage, sixth grade science teacher at Middleton Middle School. "They were very excited about it. Teachers were talking about how they were talking about it in other classes.”

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