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Students fix up bikes for refugee families

The students are fixing up old bikes to give to refugee families who don’t have them. (KBOI Photo)

Students at a Sage International School in Boise are helping refugees feel right at home.

They know that riding bikes is a Boise staple – whether on the Greenbelt or in the Foothills – it’s one of the things that makes Boise a great place to live.

So, the students are fixing up old bikes to give to refugee families who don’t have them.

“It allows them to share something with people they wouldn’t normally share anything with,” said Safiye Pinto Richards, a student at Sage International. “When they come here, we dress differently, talk differently, act differently... but this one thing might be the same."

Right now, the students are fixing up bikes to give to a family of seven.

“We want to [give] them a good experience from the Boise area,” said Carsen Wicks, a student at Sage International.

A couple of months ago, Stuart Murray, a teacher at Sage International, was looking for a creative way for his students to get hands on with science.

“This is a great way for them to apply their knowledge, by taking a bike which is a complex piece of machinery, but if you break it down into simple parts you can understand [it],” said Stuart Murray, Science Teacher at Sage International.

The students have become quite the bike mechanics – using their skills to give back to the community – and a grant from the Cap Ed Foundation provided them with all the tools to do the job.

"The bike sets you free from anybody else’s schedule,” said Murray. “It allows you, particularly if you’re new to the community, ways to get around to meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet if you’re in a car. It really brings people together.”

Bringing people together is what these students say Boise is all about!

If you have an old bike you would like to donate to their cause you can drop it off at Sage International in Boise.

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