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Nampa students cook up new skills and feed the homeless

Culinary students in Nampa are using their talents to help feed the homeless (KBOI Staff photo).

Culinary students in the Nampa School District are giving back!

They're using their talents to help feed the homeless.

It all started with them learning how to take a bunch of random ingredients, that are already in the kitchen, and turn them into something delicious!

"I went from microwaving ramen [noodles] to making these complex dishes just off the top of my head," said Aileen McDaie, a Culinary 2 Student.

Then, the students began to realize if they could do that for themselves then perhaps they could do it for others, as well!

Using the leftover food from events they cater, the students have begun creating entirely new meals.

"We decided to give it to our school district's liaison who works with the homeless that is really big in our school district and those that are in poverty that need extra help and some really good food," said Debra Guinn, the Instructor.

This is all through Nampa School District's Career Technical Education program. Students from Skyview High School, Columbia High School, and Nampa High School are involved.

They plan to continue hosting dinners for the homeless whenever they have the leftover food to do it!

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