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Leaders in Learning: Nampa 5th Graders practice for Middle School

As they saying goes — practice makes perfect! (KBOI 2News)

Middle school is a big jump for most 5th Graders, but for students at Ronald Reagan Elementary in Nampa — it will just be another step!

They have been practicing for the real deal.

"Usually you just stay in the same class and learn everything there," said Suzy Keller, a 5th Grader at Ronald Reagan Elementary. "In 5th Grade [here] you get to have different teachers for different subjects... it gets you ready for middle school."

The 5th Graders at Ronald Reagan Elementary rotate between three teachers. They're even required to bring all their books and utensils from class to class.

They're also responsible for keeping agendas and making sure their homework is finished on time.

"Right now, the consequences are good. We can learn from them," said Sophia Kirkman, a 5th Grader. "Next year and throughout high school... you'll get in more trouble. So, I think it's good to learn what to do [now]."

As they saying goes — practice makes perfect!

"All the sixth grade teachers say Ronald Reagan students are mostly prepared for sixth grade," said Lacey Dougherty, a 5th Grader. "And, they don't freak out or have heart attacks as much as other students."

Ronald Reagan 5th Graders have also been going on several field trips throughout the school year to get to know the other kids in their grade better.

In the fall, most of the students will head to East Valley Middle School.

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