Motivating students through music

A Treasure Valley teacher plays alongside his students, encouraging them to perform at their best in and outside of the band (Global Beats).

Inside Idaho Arts Charter School in Nampa is a classroom that knows no bounds.

It's lead by David Gluck, a teacher who students say is more like one of them.

"He's a great teacher because he's right there along with the band," said Guillermo Carreon, a senior. "He's there playing the drums."

Gluck is an extremely accomplished musician who has performed around the world.

Now, he composes original music for the high school students in his class.

He writes for each student individually. Music that challenges each one's strengths and weaknesses.

"It's probably one of the hardest classes I have ever taken, but also one of the most rewarding," said Samuel Nasman, a senior.

Gluck says his students, or band mates, never fail to rise to the occasion.

"Once they sense that I’m not just a teacher but a peer, you know, ‘let’s play together!’ that becomes very subtle teaching moment because the bar is high," said David Gluck. "If you set the bar high enough, without pressure, so the kids can naturally rise if they feel like they own it and if you can instill some passion you’d be amazed at how far students will grow beyond your wildest expectations."

Mr. Gluck and his students are part of a band called Global Beats. They will be performing throughout the Treasure Valley beginning in late fall.

Follow the Global Beats Facebook Page for more details.

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