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Middle School Survival Guide: Kuna students investigate common social issues tweens face

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It's no secret that middle school can be tough — to get through it you almost need some sort of 'survival guide'! So, one Treasure Valley teacher has designed an entire lesson around guiding her students through those challenging middle school years.

Neva Noe, a language arts teacher at Fremont Middle School in Kuna, is having her seventh graders pick one social issue that kids commonly face in middle school.

From making new friends or dealing with gossip to struggling with body image or bullying —these are just some of the problems the students have chosen to investigate.

Each student will research their topic of choice and then they'll write a short narrative story entailing the best way to face that particular issue.

After they're finished, they'll be sharing their stories with future middle schoolers!

"We're going to be going over to Hubbard Elementary next door and they're going to be sharing their stories," said Mrs. Noe. "I would like to create a safe space for students at the younger grade to see middle school as not so scary."

In an effort to stock her classroom with a handful of age-appropriate books regarding the various social issues that middle schoolers typically face, Mrs. Noe started a campaign on Several community members donated and then Cap Ed's We Love Teachers program paid the difference!

"It's huge, because it doesn't just touch 15 kids' hands! It touches 30 per class!," said Mrs. Noe. "I have 120 students, you know, that's a huge impact!"

While the students are researching how to help future middle schools get through these challenging years, they themselves are learning a thing or two!

"If you're having a bad day just talk to somebody about it," said Shannon Thurber, a seventh grader. "Honestly, communication is always the best solution."

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