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Meridian filmmaker wins High School Movie Trailer Contest

Justin Buss created an action-packed trailer based off of his short film Boneyard (KBOI 2 Photo).

Every year, young filmmakers throughout Idaho put their skills to the test for CapEd's High School Movie Trailer Contest.

This year's winner is a junior from Mountain View High School in Meridian.

Justin Buss created an action-packed trailer based off of his short film Boneyard.

Buss is not new to filmmaking. He estimates he's put together around three dozen films so far.

"I've been working towards this stuff since about 2nd grade," said Buss. "I was taking little pictures of my LEGOS and throwing them together as stop motion."

However, this was his first time making an official, Hollywood-style movie trailer. So, it took some research.

"I just went through and watched as many movie trailers as possible," said Buss. "The ones I really enjoyed that didn't give away too much of the movie."

Buss took what he learned and broke apart one his short films. Then, he pieced it back together to tell a story of its own!

Sure enough, all his hard work paid off.

His movie trailer won first place in the 8th Annual CapEd High School Movie Trailer Contest. It was up against more than 20 other submissions.

For winning, Buss was given a $700 check from CapEd to use however he wants to. No surprise — he plans to use it toward making more movies.

"I think one of the hardest things with most films is creating a budget," said Buss. "I try to shoot with no budget, but sometimes you need some props, costumes, or fake flood. So, it's really nice to have a lot of money to work with. What I am going to do is probably buy some lights, equipment, and costumes for my next movie."

Buss says his long-term goal is to see an action movie he directs up on the big screen!

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