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Leaders in Learning: Showcasing school on social media

A Boise teacher is utilizing social media to spotlight her students' work! (KBOI Staff)

A Boise teacher is using social media to showcase her classroom.

Kristen Hennessy, a 5th Grade teacher at Cynthia Mann Elementary, says she's never really been into social media herself, by decided to give it a shot.

She created an account this year spotlighting her students' work.

"It really just comes down to I am proud of what we are doing and I want everyone else to know," said Ms. Hennessy.

She believes more teachers should utilize the platform as a way to engage students.

"It can be difficult to motivate kids to want to come to school every day. They have a lot going on in their lives. Really, it's just about engaging them, building collaboration skills, and doing whatever it takes to make learning fun so they will run into the doors instead of wanting to run out of the doors at the end of the day."

Soon, Ms. Hennessy will be training her students as 'social media interns'.

She will meet with a group of students each week to train them on the right way to use social media.

Once they are 'certified', the students will be able to start documenting the great things happening around their school for themselves.

Ms. Hennessy says parents are excited about it too because instead of asking their kid 'what did you do in school today?,' they can say 'I saw what you did in school today! It looked like a lot of fun!'

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