Leaders in Learning: Recognizing the value of early education

The center specializes in taking research surrounding early childhood education and applying it to real life learning (Lee Pesky Learning Center).

A local organization is giving educators and families the tools to teach kids before they even go off to kindergarten.

The folks at the Lee Pesky Learning Center say you're never too young to start learning. And in fact, they say the earlier the better.

The center specializes in taking research surrounding early childhood education and applying it to real life learning.

"The students we see and the students we're hoping to impact are incredibly bright and incredibly gifted," said Israel David Catz, Executive Director for the Lee Pesky Learning Center. "They just haven't been equipped with the right resources."

The center offers training on how to identify a child's strengths and weaknesses. Then, they help create strategies to help them be successful.

Those who have taken part in the training say they've noticed a difference.

Katie Babcock, Owner and Director of Tumble Time Education Center, says it's transformed her preschool program.

"[Teachers] can take those activities and feel confident delivering them to the students in the classroom, using them on a daily basis and they feel the change in the students!" said Babcock.

Now, through a generous grant from The Idaho CapEd Foundation, the center's reach is growing.

CapEd has made a commitment to provide $23,500 in funding to the center.

'Having the CapEd Foundation give us Carte Blanch and just say "We want to support education. What does that look like? How do we make a deep impact on on this community?" That is incredibly important because it allows the Lee Pesky Learning Center and other organizations that have an impact on education to truly leverage their strengths and impact learners throughout the Treasure Valley and throughout Idaho," said Catz.

The grant has opened the door for 300 early childhood educators to take part in the center's training events.

Plus, it's supporting the center's mission to translate their educational resources into Spanish, giving even more kids the confidence that they can become lifelong learners.

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