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Leaders in Learning: Math at a different angle

Trigonometry students at Idaho City HS are learning the subject from a new perspective (KBOI Staff)

Students at Idaho City High School are seeing trigonometry from a new angle!

Using old land surveying equipment that was donated to the school, they're learning there is more to math than just problems on a piece of paper.

"With the equipment, we were able to put together a class that allows the students to use trigonometry and then go out in the field... so they can do hands-on math!" said Jayce Bell, Math Teacher at Idaho City HS.

The students are actually walking the lines of the problems they're solving and calculating the angles of real-life objects.

"You don't fight for the engagement of the students when they have honest curiosity of what is going on," said Mr. Bell. "Half the battle is already won!"

Idaho City is the only school in the region using this technique!

"It's pretty amazing and a lot better than normal school," said Justin Hendrix, a Junior at Idaho City HS.

While it is fun... it's not just about looking at math from a new perspective.

These students will have the opportunity to get jobs in land surveying right out of high school!

It's a very necessary profession to get our young people into!

"If you decide to go into surveying [this] would really help because you have a bunch of experience in the field," said Jacob Dinneen, a Junior at Idaho City HS.

And, as it turns out, there's a huge demand in the field!

"The average age of surveyors in Idaho is 56. The national average is pretty close to the same. So, across the country, it's a very necessary profession to get our young people into," said Mr. Bell.

Bell says with the demand for surveying jobs, several students have been told they have jobs waiting for them after graduation if they're interested.

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