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Leaders in Learning: Kuna teacher uses games to teach perseverance in math class

Mrs. Scott, teacher at Falcon Ridge Middle School in Kuna, is teaching her kids not to give up on building challenging projects out of magnets — in hopes it will encourage them persevere in math class, too! (CBS 2)

Students at Falcon Ridge Middle School in Kuna are learning to persevere in math class... but not by solving equations.

The students in Sandy Scott's math class are learning not to give up — by playing with toys!

"It's pretty fun because you get to build stuff," said Julian Yauman, a sixth grader.

Mrs. Scott recently came up with the idea to bring magnetic building tile blocks into her class. So, she posted the project concept on

Several community members pitched in and then CapEd paid the rest with funding from its Get $100 & Give $100 program.

The project brought about $400 worth of magnetic toys to Mrs. Scott's classroom.

"With the magnets, they see the frustration as it falls apart and why do they keep going, why do they preserve?," said Mrs. Scott. "Having those skills of perseverance, communication with one another, [and] learning the parts — then, I can transfer that all to the math classroom!"

Mrs. Scott encourages the students to play with the magnets anytime they finish their work before class ends! As you can imagine, it's helped the students preserve to finish their work sooner!

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