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Kuna school bus driver goes beyond call of duty

Mike Molsberry drives school bus for students with special needs (KBOI Staff).

A Treasure Valley bus driver goes the extra mile for his students.

Mike Molsberry drives two hours, one way, every single day, and that's before he has even started his bus route!

He comes from just outside of Idaho City all the way to Kuna. All for a job that isn't always easy, but it is rewarding.

Mike drives school bus for students with special needs.

"People a lot of the time look down on special needs people," said Mike Molsberry. "But, we treat them all the same no matter what."

Mike says in his seventeen years, his students have taught him a thing or two.

"You learn about life," said Mike. "These kids really have it hard and their parents really have it hard. It makes the little things that happen to you mean nothing."

Mike says what he does would not be possible if it weren't for his bus aide, Sheryl Elmquist.

They've been a team for more than a decade.

"Our kids depend on us," said Sheryl. "We have to be there. They don't like change, so we always try to be there and be something consistent."

Mike and Sheryl say to them their students are like family; and while they may not even realize it, for their students, Mike and Sheryl are like guardian angels.

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