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Fun (and educational) things to do in Boise this summer

KBOI 2News has put together a treasure map of fun (and educational) things to do with your family this summer!

Summer vacation is underway in the Treasure Valley and teachers say that means students are already falling down the 'summer slide' — where they can lose up to two months of knowledge during break.

Don't worry, though! Keeping their brain active is easier than you might think.

"Anywhere you go you can find those opportunities," said Eric Rausch, integration specialist for the Boise School District. "It’s just a matter of making that your priority when you get there and have fun while you’re doing it.”

KBOI 2News has put together a treasure map of places throughout Boise that are not only great places to learn... they're fun too!

"Reading can be an adventure and when you make that your priority and say 'hey, today we're going to have this adventure.' All of the sudden you've taken this from 'hey, i'm dragging you out to go to the park, let's all get in the car.' to 'guess what we get to do today? This is going to be such a great adventure! Let's go out and explore together," said Rausch.

Teachers say that's how you say goodbye to summer slide — just look for the X that marks the spot on the map and make summer your learning adventure — because the real treasure comes in discovering something new!

1.Zoo Boise

2.Boise Library Capitol St.

3.Boise Library Overland Rd.

4.Boise Library Riverwalk Dr.

5.Boise Library Ustick Rd.

6.Boise Library State St.

7.The Discovery Center

8.Boise State University Summer Camps

9.Boise Art Museum

10.Boise Black History Museum

11.Idaho Military History Museum

12.Museum of Mining and Geology

13.Old State Pen

14.Basque Museum and Cultural Center

15.Boise Art Glass

16.The Foothills Learning Center

17.Idaho Birds of Prey Museum

18.Idaho Botanical Gardens

19.Idaho State Capitol Building

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