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A school designed by students for students

All students at One Stone are encouraged to take control of their own education (KBOI Staff).

There is a new school in Boise with a new vision of what high school can look like.

One Stone High School was started by students for students.

It didn't start off as a school, however. It began in 2008 as a non-profit organization aimed at giving high schoolers a platform to help others.

Then last year, they took that concept to the next level and One Stone High School was born.

"It was terrifying walking in and being told, 'what you say matters and what you do right now matters,'" said Ethan Ellis, a second-year student. "Then, we realized what that voice was worth and what we can do with that voice."

Students at One Stone say the possibilities for learning are almost limitless because every voice is considered valuable.

In fact, two-thirds of the school's board is made up by students.

All students at One Stone are encouraged to take control of their own education. If they express interest in a certain course, the school will actually seek out an instructor to teach it.

Students are also advised to take part in both winter exploration and a summer internship.

In winter exploration, students research the steps necessary for obtaining the career they're interested in. During the summer internship, they get to experience that career for themselves.

"It feels really empowering because a lot times you don't know that you can make an effect on the world until you try," said Harry Northrop, a second-year student. "In this school, you're given a lot of opportunities to try. In a lot of them you might not succeed. But, [when] you do it's amazing!"

Right now, there are about 70 full-students at One Stone. On top of that, students from 19 schools throughout the Treasure Valley take part in One Stone's after-school programs.

One Stone is always accepting new applications.

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