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3D printing builds confidence in HS students

If the students can think it, they can build it (KBOI).

Students from Wilder High School are getting hands on with 3D printing.

The possibilities are just about endless. If the students can think of it - they can build it.

"[We're] able to print something from a piece of paper or from our mind into a three-dimensional item," said Dakota White, a junior.

The school has four 3D printers total. They are 100% student operated. So, if something breaks it's up to them to fix it.

"If you don't know something, where are you going to get the the help? Since this is student-run, [we] are the help," said Sebastian Aguilera, a junior.

Sometimes that can be a hefty task for these high school students, but it's never something they haven't been able to work through.

"It feels really good being able to do it myself and not have a lot of trouble. But, having a lot of trouble and then it actually working is unbelievable. It's probably one of the best feelings I have ever had," said Dakota White.

Building more than just 3D objects, this is about building confidence in the students and their abilities.

It's part of Wilder's personalized learning program where they encourage all students, K-12, to take charge of their own education.

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