Make-A-Wish Idaho helps grant tropical wish to girl

Make-A-Wish Idaho helps grant tropical wish to girl. (Courtesy Photo)

Imagine your surprise -- a 12-foot dolphin swims up to you, squeals loudly and kisses you right on the cheek.

For some, that might not sound like fun, but for 12-year-old animal lover Marissa, this was a wish come true and the start to a perfect day.

"It was apart of my wish and it was really cool," Marissa said. "She was about 12 feet long and that's how big dolphins are apparently."

Marissa and her family traveled over 2,000 miles to the Bahamas.

"I've never seen the ocean before and been out of the country and it was amazing," she said.

Wishes in Flight, in partnership with Make-A-Wish Idaho made all of this possible.

Marrisa's parents say they spent the trip with their phones completely turned off, focusing on their family.

While Marissa is not in remission yet, her mother says she has no cancer in her body.

"We pray for boring scans...," she said.

The family says the gift from Make-A-Wish not only brought their family closer, but it also gave Marissa the healing and strength she needed to continue her fight.

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