Cherry harvest winding down with good yields

Cherry harvest is winding down in the Treasure Valley. (KBOI photo)

Cherry harvest is winding down in the Treasure Valley with growers looking at another bumper crop this season compared to last.

"As far as total tonnage, it's looking right on to be about the same as the amount picked (last season)," said Jamie Mertz with the Symms Fruit Ranch. " Father's Day, we had over an inch of rain and so that was hard on some of the early varieties from the splitting and cracking from when water sits in the cherry."

Workers at the Symms Fruit Ranch in Canyon County are picking Lapin cherries now, which will be exported all over the United States and to the far east.

"Bing is one everybody hears about, and knows about," said Mertz. "These (Lapin) are later cherries, heavier on the tree, a little bit larger, a nice piece of fruit."

Even though harvest is winding down, the pace in the orchards is picking up. With these hot temperature we're having, they need to get the cherries off the trees and into the cool packing sheds as soon as possible.

And that's just what they're doing, starting very early in the morning and stopping before noon.

Cherries are the number three fruit exported by Idaho, coming in behind apples and peaches.

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