Milky rain? Nope, but cars in the Treasure Valley will be especially dirty Monday
Lakebed dust near Summer Lake Ore., has made its way toward the Boise, Nampa, Meridian area. (CBS2 staff photo)

If your vehicle is parked outside Monday afternoon, there's a good chance it might be especially dirty.

And it's not your normal dried rain spots after a typical spring shower. This looks different.

CBS2 has received several phone calls Monday afternoon from folks wondering what the heck is going on. One person said it looked like milk raining from the sky.

The folks at the National Weather Service in Boise seem to have the answers.

"Are your cars dirty after the rain? The culprit is strong winds blowing lakebed dust near Summer Lake OR toward the Boise, Nampa, Meridian area," the NWS wrote on social media. 

Officials there also shared a satellite image of the dust moving east and over the Treasure Valley, which you can see below.

CBS2 morning meteorologist Nate Larsen reported "lots of dust and wind" in Nampa.

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