Health advisory issued for CJ Strike Reservoir due to harmful algal bloom
Photo of CJ Strike Reservoir Harmful Algal Bloom. (Idaho DEQ)

Health officials have issued an advisory for CJ Strike Reservoir due to a harmful algal bloom.

The Central District Health Department as well as the Southwest District Health and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality says recent water samples indicate there were concentrations of toxin-producing cyanobacteria in the reservoir.

"These cyanobacteria can be harmful to humans and animals, and those with liver or kidney damage are at an increased risk of illness," health officials said.

In addition to CJ Strike, local health officials say they are also monitoring levels at Cascade Reservoir in Valley County. Levels there didn't meet the criteria for a health advisory but officials say "the reservoir is seeing increased levels of microcystin (a type of cyanotoxin) that warrant users to take precautions."

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