Boise commercial cleaning companies busy with COVID-19 cleans
Boise commercial cleaning companies busy with COVID-19 cleans (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

During the pandemic, there's a heightened need for clean schools, offices, warehouses, and homes. 

Master Restoration and RCF Commercial Cleaning are both located in the Treasure Valley. Both companies said they've been very busy due to the pandemic.

"Some weeks we average, 5 to 6 calls a day for coronavirus, and that’s commercial and residential," Master Restoration Owner, Joe Balbas said.

The RCF Comercial Cleaning CEO, Christina Freer, says a COVID clean is a lot more detailed than a standard clean.

 “In a COVID clean we go through and you can't apply a disinfectant before you clean, you have to clean it first, and then apply disinfectant and wait the proper time. So there are a lot more steps that go into a COVID clean," Freer said.

Balbas says for a COVID clean, they first do a soap and water clean on all high contact surfaces. 

“Then we come back with a disinfectant and then we fog with a ULV fogger, so that helps get all of the hard to reach areas that you may not have wiped,” Balbas said.

Freer says RCF Commercial Cleaning uses an electrostatic sprayer as their main disinfectant as well as an ATP monitor.

"We swab the area, then we put it in the ATP monitor. It tells us the cleanliness of the surface," Freer said.

Both companies use masks, gloves, and gowns to keep their employees safe. Master Restoration even has masks that filter out dust, mold, and chemical vapors.

“There is a big emphasis on being safe. We are sending people into an environment where they can potentially pick up a life-changing disease, and I don't take that lightly," Balbas said. 

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