Floater hit by bridge jumper reflects on traumatic experience

Left to right: Cienna Cook, Heidi Cook, and boyfriend Justin Ammons. (KBOI photo)

19-year-old Cienna Cook's fun day floating the Boise River turned dangerous when a large adult man jumped off of the Baybrook Bridge and landed directly on her, sending Cienna to the hospital with severe injuries.

Now she is out of the hospital and reflecting on the traumatic experience.

“I remember it pretty vividly," Cienna said. "I was underwater I couldn’t tell which way was up. I just knew I had a ton of pain. My tube had gone somewhere else and I was struggling to find a way out and then I finally reached the surface and I could see him floating down.”

Cienna's boyfriend, Justin Ammons, says he didn't know what was happening at first. But once he realized Cienna had been injured, he rushed to help her.

“There were two guys near her," Ammons said. "But by the time I ran around to get to her they were gone.It was just a group of five or six girls.”

Those good Samaritans called 911.

“I mean I didn’t think that this would happen,” Ammons said.

Cienna was hospitalized for severe internal bleeding and bruised organs.

The jumper’s identity remains unknown.

“She was literally blue," said Cienna's mother, Heidi Cook. "Her face was blue, her lips were blue, and he literally walked away.”

“I had no idea who he was," Cienna said. "I was just like, why would someone do that?”

Now she is out of the hospital, but still in a lot of pain, and struggling to do normal things.

Even breathing is hard for Cienna.

“I have to use this thing to kind of help my lungs inhale completely.”

As for what’s next for the Cooks, well they don’t aim to make jumping illegal, but they would like to see stricter enforcement of the 50 feet rule. And more patrols on the river.

“It definitely needs to stop," Cienna said. "People need to stop jumping so close to other people but until they feel like there is a threat, that they might get in trouble for it, I feel like they’re not going to stop.”

The Cooks would like the jumper or his friends to come forward.

“It is really sad that he left knowing that he caused severe damage,” Cienna said.

Heidi wants the man responsible to be held accountable for his actions.

”He injured her and did nothing to help her in a life-threatening situation. He did not try to help her out of the water.”

In the meantime the cooks have set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses. You can access it here: