Nampa preschooler making basketball look like child's play

Three-year-old Carter Suchowesky, from Nampa, plays beyond his years in basketball.

Carter Suchowesky can do it all on the basketball court.

Dribble, shoot, pass, etc.

Along with being a triple-threat, he's just three years old.

"He's been around basketball his whole life," said his dad and coach Brian Suchowesky.

As a baby Carter watched his parents play, and is picking up the sport quickly.

"He picks up a basketball every day," said his mom and coach Jaida Suchowesky. "We try not to practice on weekends."

And Carter enjoys it.

"My favorite is shooting," he said.

When Carter isn't dribbling all over the court, he's watching his favorite pros do the same thing.

He lists Stephen Curry and LeBron James as his favorite players.

He loves the game, but still has other incentives.

"Do you want to go to Applebee's?" Jaida asked? "What do you want?"

"Mozzarella sticks," he responded.

With Halloween on the horizon Carter will be opting for a police uniform instead of a basketball one.

"My grandpa was a police officer!" he said.

Carter plays in a YMCA league and will participate in his first game on Saturday.