Bravin’ it with Bryan and Kelsey: Synchronized Swimming

KBOI 2News Morning anchor Kelsey Anderson put co-anchor Bryan Levin through a synchronized swimming ringer.

KBOI 2News morning anchor Kelsey Anderson has ice water in her veins.

Actually, chlorine water.

Kelsey started synchronized swimming in the fourth or fifth grade and then swam competitively in college.

As for her co-anchor Bryan. He has virtually no background in the sport.

So let’s jump right in.

“There are a bunch of different sculls that we use to stay upright,” Kelsey said, going through various motions.

At this point, Bryan looks more like a cat in water than a swimmer.

But soon things get a tad easier.

“That looks beautiful,” Kelsey says, perhaps a bit sarcastically.

After the sculls, it’s time to kick, or swim, it up a notch.

“We are going to learn bent knee,” Kelsey said. “So that's putting one knee up and then you can learn ballet leg and flamingo and put them all together.”

Sounds like fun.

“Alright, did you do it?” Kelsey asks.


After learning a few more moves it’s time to make some synchro sushi and roll these motions all together.

And you know what, it doesn’t look half bad.

Maybe you’ll see the duo in the 2020 Olympics. But you’ll definitely see them on the desk Monday-Friday.