Bravin' it with Bryan and Kelsey: Snowboarding

KBOI 2News morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin tested their non-existent snowboarding skills at Bogus Basin.

Playing in the snow is fun. Working in the snow is a different story.

KBOI 2News morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin fell not only a lot, but somewhere in the middle when they took their first snowboarding lesson at Bogus Basin.

"Who thinks they are going to fall during the lesson?" asked Kelli, their instructor.

They both raised their hands.

The lesson naturally started by learning how to fall.

"It's not going to happen that gracefully," Kelli reminded them.

"I wore volleyball kneepads," Kelsey bragged.

"I just have a big butt," Bryan added.

Soon it was time to stand, and move at the same time. That doesn't mean it was time to go on the mountain yet, but rather to the slightest decline on the side.

"We are going to do a straight glide," Kelli said. "Balanced stance. Eyes looking forward."

It took some serious concentration to go the same pace as pretty much walking.

"Look at that concentration!" Kelli told Bryan as he was working his way down but without falling.

Eventually Bryan took the first tumble.

"That's what not to do," Kelsey noted.

Once the pair had their feet, sort of, under them it was time to go on the magic carpet - which would take them up just a portion of the bunny hill.

"This might be the most terrifying part of my day," Kelsey said.

"This is going to be a whole new ballgame," Kelli said once they reached their destination.

Kelsey and Bryan worked their way side to side down the mountain.

"How's the weather down there?" Kelsey asked Bryan after he went down.

Slowly, turning and riding became a little easier.

"They aren't crying so I think we are winning the battle," Kelli said.

After the two-hour lesson came to end the two felt much better, though sore, from where they started.

"Grade-wise you all pass," Kelli said.

A passing grade in falling with style.