Bravin' it with Bryan and Kelsey: Cheerleading

The Xtreme Pulse Cheerleaders hoist KBOI 2News Morning anchor Kelsey Anderson up in the air.

Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin try to cheer you up, and wake you up in the mornings.

So in order to get better, they decided to check in with the pros.

The Xtreme Pulse Cheerleaders are poetry in motion.

Owner Juan Arguello helped out with the basics.

The very basics.

Like somersaults.

"Push through your toes," he said.

Arguello also 'walked' the anchor pair through handstands, cartwheels and more.

All it took was gravity, and help, every step of the way.

"There is hope," Arguello said.

Kelsey and Bryan were working with the level 4 co-ed team as well. Their timing during the routines looked nearly impeccable.

The duo then took on timing jumps. Young girls were doing it ease. Kelsey and Bryan appeared to have glue on their shoes.

Soon, they were whisked away - Bryan focusing on holding up cheerleaders. Little did they know that Kelsey would soon be the one going up.

"I'm a lot bigger than you," Kelsey told one of the petite cheerleaders.

But what do you know? After evading a plunge to the floor, Kelsey was able to stand up, while being held by a few cheerleaders and Bryan.

Through it all, Arguello noted that chemistry is the most important aspect of cheerleading. Something the pair will take back with them to the anchor desk.