Bravin’ it with Bryan and Kelsey: Running with Boise State

KBOI 2News morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin went head-to-head against some of the fastest Boise State runners.

The Boise State track & field team is gearing up for the Mountain West Outdoor Track and Field Championship May 10-13 in Logan, Utah.

KBOI 2News morning anchors Bryan Levin and Kelsey Anderson thought the only way to get them ready was to race them.

“I was up all last night,” said Allie Ostrander, a conference champion, NCAA All-American and Olympic trial qualifier, in anticipation of the big race.

Ostrander and teammates Kyra Lopez and Megan Lacy were like deer in the headlights when they found out they'd be running 800 meters against the anchor team.

The trio had already run a combined 30 miles that day.

A warm-up, you could call it.

They planned on running at around 75-80% of normal.

That’d be 2:40, which is equal to a 5:20 minute/mile.

Both Kelsey and Bryan jumped out of the gate as fast as they could, but quickly fell off.

The student-athletes came in a 2:39 while the anchors crossed a little after the three-minute mark.

The racing wasn’t over.

The goal was1:03 for Bronco runner Melika Ghali in the 400-meter run.


Ghali didn’t hold back. It took just a couple steps and he was already out in front.

I got scared,” Ghali later admitted. “I thought I felt someone breathing down my neck.”

His time was right on the dot – 1:03. Kelsey and Bryan were about 20-30 seconds behind.

“Toughest competition I've had all year,” Ghali joked.

While you probably can’t race these Boise State student-athletes, you can sometimes see them in action. They usually train in the foothills.

After the MWC Championship, the NCAA West Preliminary Round is set for May 25.

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