Boise fisherwoman set to compete with the pros

Boise's Chaunteil Carte will compete on the Walmart - FLW Tour later this month.

Chaunteil Carte has been wetting lines her whole life.

"My biggest fish? A 36-inch steelhead," she said.

And Carte, who grew up in Idaho City but now lives in Boise, wants to make fishing her career.

She got her start earlier this year on the Wild West Bass Trail.

"I made it to the championship this year so I have to be good at it."

After some success Carte got an invite to the Walmart FLW Tour - Norris Lake event from Oct. 20-22 in Andersonville, TN. The event will be broadcast on ESPN at a later date.

The FLW Tour is the top tour for professionals.

"It's kind of hard to turn something down that doesn't happen but once or twice in your lifetime," Carte said.

But sometimes costs can produce a snag. Carte estimates the equipment, fees and travel for this one tournament ran about $10,000.

"I jumped straight in," Carte said. "I didn't do local tournament so no one knows who I am so not a lot of people want to put themselves out there."

Sponsors are starting to come though as she keeps gaining experience and fish.

"After one year, people are starting to recognize me," she said. "Not asking where weigh in is or direction to things thinking I work there."

Carte has a GoFundMe page to help support her dream of competing as a pro fisherwoman.