Wash. woman 'apparently' likes the Seattle Seahawks

FERNDALE, Wash. -- To say Debbie Gwaltney is a huge Seahawks fan is an understatement.

If you feel the need to question Gwaltney's fanhood, just take a look at her Ferndale home. She just transformed it into a 12th Man house.

"I've loved the Seahawks since I was a young girl," Gwaltney told me via email. "My grandparents had season tickets from the beginning and I grew up going to games in the Kingdome."

Gwaltney, a single mother of two boys, had season tickets of her own, but after "100s of fun games," she had to give them up to help pay for school.

"It was a big mistake," Gwaltney said. "Although, people say if I wouldn't have given up my tickets, the Seahawks wouldn't have made it to the Super Bowl."

Gwaltney came up with the 12th Man house idea when her home needed to be re-sided, so she jumped at the opportunity to share her love for the Seahawks.

Painted in blue with touches of green and a huge 12th Man logo on the garage, Gwaltney's 12th Man house makes any Hawks fan envious.

It didn't come without some hesitation, though.

"When I had my house painted, I was scared I would upset neighbors, so I only painted my front door lime green," Gwaltney said. "That was until everyone begged me to paint the garage door lime green, so then I went wild and added a vinyl wrap too!"

The Seahawks love doesn't stop on the outside of the 12th Man house, there's plenty of memorabilia inside as well. Gwaltney has a '12th Man Cave' with a billiards table (with Seahawks blue felt, of course), an autographed 12th Man flag, framed Seahawks pictures and much more.

Her bathrooms are even decked out in Seahawks colors, signs and posters.

"My house has always been full of sports memorabilia," said Gwaltney. "My mom used to call it the play house and wondered if I would ever grow up.

"No, not if it meant putting away the sports stuff."

If you need the definition of the 12th Man; don't turn to Google or grab your dictionary. All you have to do is look at Debbie Gwaltney in Ferndale. She has 12th Man written all over