Titan of the triathlon

84-year-old Lew Hollander does a pretty good job at staying active.

"If I don't have an entry into a race, I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning," Hollander said.

Two years ago, Hollander became the oldest person to finish the full Ironman in Hawaii. Something, he's finished 23 times. The Bend, Oregon resident has completed 56 Ironman races.

"I'm going back to Hawaii this year so I can be two years older than the oldest person ever," he said, referring to himself.

Hollander has also done more than 100 marathons. You'd think all this experience would make a half Ironman easy but Hollander disagrees.

"It's never a walk in the park," he said. "Anything can go wrong."
As a physicist, Hollander knows good health and exercise don't happen overnight.

"Use it or lose it," he said. "Everyone asks 'how come your knees are so good?' It depends on what you did when you were 40. How are you going to be when you are 80?"

Hollander has done the Boise Ironman 70.3 three times. He likes the course, but one year was tougher than the others.

"It snowed and it sleeted and it was cold," he said. "The winner rode his bike in his wet suit, so that's how cold it was. That was pretty miserable. Other than that it's been a perfect race. I love to run along the river. It's just really nice."

His goal isn't to win but he doesn't mind a little friendly competition with the younger competitors. Technically, that's the entire field.
"I like to pass them," Hollander said. "What, you can't keep up with an old man?"

Since there's no one else in his age group, Hollander's main opponent is the clock. His sponsor is Red Rush Nitric Oxide.