Seniors compete for Gold, sort of

Residents at Grace Assisted Living in Meridian are having a ball.

On second thought, 'ball' might not be the right term.

"I don't know what that's called-Bean Bag," said Grace resident Lavina Conner. "No really, what is it called?"

The senior center is having it's own Olympics. And these athletes bring along plenty of experience.

We checked out the snow archery event, and there's no qualifying, but conditioning does help.

"We do exercises-arms up, out. your legs up," said Grace resident Helen Hancock.

They're not making their way down a mountain or an icy track, but for the competitors at Grace, their fire shines bright, just like the torch.

"I've been doing pretty good so far," said resident Ann Copperi.

No need to worry about official uniforms or regulations, because tthe name of the game is to be active, in body and mind.

"It keeps them up with current events and it gets them out socializing, meeting new friends, having things to talk about at the table," said activities director Keren Burchtorf.

And whether they take Gold, or nothing, all the residents are on the same team.