Rally in the rapids

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Since the first phase of the Boise River Park opened kayakers, surfers and spectators come out and enjoy using the $3.6 million project.

"It's really nice to see so many different people being able to use the river feature in different ways and it just puts a ton of positive emphasis on the community," Boise kayaker Alec Voorhees said.

Friends of the Park, a group which has a formal partnership with the city of Boise, formed a rally, piggy backing off of this weekend's Payette River Games.

"We wanted them to come down and see what was possible here and showcase to all of the spectators what this facility has," Event coordinator Beth Markley said.

The wave shapers at the River Park are unlike any others across the country. And to offer more, plans are in the works to expand the park amenities.

"The features downstream, they will be able to set slalom courses more for racing so you'll be able to cover more," Eric Straubhar with Idaho River Sports said. "Eventually they will hook up the ponds and you'll have flat water courses - pretty much something for everybody."

"We have our design done and we're going to move forward with the permitting and a whole lot is going to hinge on how we can raise the funds moving forward," Markley said.

Phase two is still a couple of years down the stream but the plan is for it to bring more visitors, and thus dollars.

"Boise Whitewater Park is just getting started - not really on the map," championship kayaker Eric Jackson said. "With the resources you have here and with the current whitewater park and the plans, if Boise wants to be on the map, it will be on the map."

The next phase will cover an area of 1/2 mile down from the Morrison Dam. On its web site, Friends of the Park lists it is asking for $7.3 million.