Pickett picking up coaching after putting down pigskin

Cody Pickett used to pass out touchdowns for the Washington Huskies, and in professional football.

Now, he's passing out advice as the new girls basketball coach at Eagle High School.

"He's kind of a big deal, so we try to listen as much as we can," junior guard Kylee Coffin said, jokingly.

"I'm probably more nervous being a coach than being a player because I don't have as much control as I'd like to," Pickett said.

Having playing experience in the NFL and Canadian Football League has a lot of benefits, but there is one problem.

Sometimes we can't understand anything he says," Coffin said.

"You know play calls in the NFL-a lot of times I get rolling," Pickett said.

From his prep days at Caldwell High School, to Washington, and the pros, Pickett molded his style based on past coaches.

"From screamers to quiet guys-multiple different personalities, I feel like I try to take the positives," he said.

Now that he's on the sidelines, Pickett is still not afraid to mix it up in order motivate the mustangs.

"If somebody walked in that door and wanted to scrimmage us today, I'd be ready to go," he said. "I take every game very serious and try to help my team win."

With Coach Pickett calling the shots, it may be just a few more months before there is a new banner hanging in the gym at Eagle High School.