Joe Southwick Attorney: 'It was a rush to judgment'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick has hired an attorney after he was sent home late last week for violating team rules.

"Boise State is better than that," Tim Fleming told KTIK. "They fell short."

Fleming said someone other than Southwick urinated off the Boise State hotel balcony last week. Later, hotel security was called, and the next morning Southwick was confronted by Boise State officials and later told to go home.

"It was a rush to judgment," Fleming said. "He deserved better."

Fleming said Southwick took a polygraph test and passed.

The attorney said his hiring is not about a lawsuit moving forward.

"This is about Joe clearing his name," Fleming told the radio station. "It's about him being able to walk into a grocery store and keeping his head up."

Boise State released a statement Monday afternoon.

"We investigated the matter with university administrators, coaching staff, a law enforcement official, hotel security and student-athletes," the statement read. "We made the decision to send the student-athlete home, and we stand by this difficult decision."