Competing for a cause

There's not a mountain high enough, a valley low enough or a river wide enough that can keep Trace Dandrea from reaching his goals.

"I've done two full Ironman distances which is 140+ miles, seven half Ironman's, eight marathons and 50 olympic triathlon races," Dandrea said.

His motivation waits for him at the finish line, and along the route wherever possible. Trace's son Anthony has Down Syndrome, but that doesn't make him any different from other 12 year olds.

When asked what his favorite subject in school is, Anthony responded, "Recess."

Anthony's love helped direct Trace to become a Regional Director of RODS - Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome.

"It's so inspiring to help bring one child home at a time," Trace said. "We know we are going to bless a family and community, just the way he's made a difference in our family."

Now with about 140 racers, a big hurdle is creating awareness, which isn't so hard thanks to Anthony's idea. He always loved exploring RV's, and the idea grew on Trace that it could help the organization.

"No way!" Trace said. "We're not buying a camper. But then we thought about it and why not? It turned out to be a great idea."

The next race that Anthony and Trace will be at is the Boise Half Ironman on Saturday, June 7.