Boise Generals football in RMFL title game - without practice

Who needs practice? Not the undefeated Boise Generals semi-pro football team, which will play for the Rocky Mountain Football League's AA Championship game Saturday.

The Generals formed two years ago, organized by former Boise State wide receiver Jerry Smith (1999-2003). His first targets for the team: other former Broncos like Cam Hall, T.J. Acree and quarterback B.J. Rhode.

"Those BSU guys," Smith said, "I knew if we could get a couple of them we could build around that foundation."

The RMFL is semi-professional; a pay to play league. Roster turnover is typically pretty high. The Generals have experienced some of that, but built the team on a solid foundation of older, more experienced players.

"We're pretty proud of the guys who started and are still on the team right now," Rhode said.

That experience comes at a price. Professional and family life doesn't leave much time for football.

"We start in December, have a couple practices [before] Christmas," Rhode explained. "Then come back after the new year, have a couple practices."

Those preseason practices are on Saturdays. The team works in its foundation of plays and schemes in time for the first game - usually in early April - and then games take the place of practices.

"We got what we could get in, and it's go time," quipped Rhode.

Experience makes up for missed practice repetition, and if they can get their hands on game film, the Generals will meet one evening to break down tape of their opponents.

Thursday, less than a dozen offensive players pulled into camping chairs in Rhode's garage to look at tape of their championship game opponent.

"It's a crap-shoot, but this is what I think they're going to do," Rhode told players before he began breaking down Great Falls' defensive formations.

The former Bronco and Boise Burn quarterback, who teaches and coaches JV football at Eagle High School has thrown for almost 2,500 yards and 33 touchdowns in 2013. The Generals are the highest scoring team in the tri-state league, and didn't allow an opponent to score a single point until the seventh game of the season.

The RMFL 'AA' Championship game is Saturday, June 29 at Eagle High School's Thunder Stadium. Championship kickoff is at 7 p.m., preceded by a league all-star game at 3 p.m. Great Falls has won two of the last three league championships.