Backseat driving with the Idaho Rally International

BOISE COUNTY, Idaho (KBOI) - The dirt roads between Centerville, Placerville, and Idaho City will be a little less lonely this weekend. Rally cars from Idaho and beyond will drift through the freshly graded dirt.

"Fear has always been on the borderline of adrenaline, and I think that's what makes it so much fun," said Dan Rockrohr who grew up racing, but has only been driving rally cars for three years.

"It starts out as adrenaline, and then when it becomes the oops moment, then it becomes fear I guess," added Rockrohr.

Today, Dan was my driver. We flew up Centerville road, approaching speeds of about 80 miles per hour.

"I'd say we were probably going about 80, 85 percent,' said Rockrohr.

Rob Blout is the course clerk. He's in charge of a year's worth of planning which includes wrangling Ham radio operators and working with Boise County, which alters it's road grading schedule to fit rally weekend.

"We make adjustments every year to fix little inaccuracies. You know, make it go smoother and safer," said Blout.

Safety is of course, paramount, but the risks are worth it to the drivers, the race organizers, and community leaders.

"It helps the economy. We look forward to seeing a lot of people, and having a good time. It's wonderful for our city," said Idaho City Mayor Jackie Bridwell.

If you want a closer look at these rally cars, they'll be on display Friday from 5-7 pm at Larry H. Miller Subaru.