Williams-Rhodes catching with a cast

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Shane Williams-Rhodes is scary good, quick on his feet, and able to make defenses look silly. in order to show off those talents, he's gotta catch the ball first. You see, he's wearing a cast covering his left forearm and hand, which makes life difficult for a receiver, but he's dealing with it.

Williams-Rhodes is learning to use that left limb at less than 100 percent. He's pretty good at it during practice, and looked alright in Sunday's scrimmage, but who knows what to expect in Washington?

Fellow wide out Kirby Moore went through the same thing, with the same hand, and thinks his teammate will be ok.

"Yeah, I actually did it half of last season, so it's a little bit different. Obviously, I was fortunate for it to be my left thumb, I had my right hand that's pretty dominant, so I just secured it with my left. But he's working on it, and hopefully he'll be ready to go for Saturday," said Moore.

For what it's worth, Moore finished with 36 catches in 2012, the second most on the team.

Williams-Rhodes was special during his first year on campus, scoring three touchdowns, and finishing with 563 total yards in his true-freshman season. Bronco Nation hopes he can do it with one hand tied behind his back, well, close enough.