Who will lead the Bronco defense?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise State looks pretty set on offense, but their defense is a different story. The Broncos lost nine players who made at least five starts last season, three of them started every game.

The hit is just as big statistically, where BSU lost the player with the most picks in 2012, Jamar Taylor.

Three of the top four tacklers are no longer with the team. That's a total of 230 tackles, J.C. Percy picked up 118 of them.

That kind of experience, performance, and leadership isn't easily replaced, but the Broncos will bounce back.

"Yeah, I agree. J.C. was a good leader, so was Tommy. I think people don't give him the amount of credit he deserves. He was quite the leader in there, he was a really good vocal guy. I think there's gonna be guys this year, we're just kind of waiting on everybody to kind of come together. I think it's really going to happen during fall camp. We're gonna see some guys really step up," said junior nickel Corey Bell.

And Bell might be one of those leaders. The Capital High School graduate started four games during his sophomore season, and ranked seventh on the team in tackles.