Vandal women ready to tip NCAA tournament, find out where to watch

STORRS, Connecticut (KBOI) - For just the second time in Idaho's school history, the Vandals are part of the Women's NCAA Tournament. As champions of the Western Athletic Conference, Idaho earned an automatic bid to the tournament. They'll start their trek as the 16 seed, going up against the toughest competition they've ever faced ... the University of Connecticut.

The Vandals are well aware of what they're up against in the Huskies, but they also see the games as an opportunity.

"You know, it's fun to be the underdog. Everyone, you know, a lot of people root for the underdog. We're going into to this with, really, nothing to lose," said junior Alyssa Charlston.

"I love the fact that we're out here. You know, if I'm gonna be a 16 seed, then let's go. Let's go out here and play the best, and I consider UConn the best team in the country, so you know what? If we're gonna do that, then let's go all out," added head coach Jon Newlee.

The University of Idaho Alumni Association has scheduled watch parties all over the state of Idaho, but they're not limited to the Gem State. There are also parties in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington D.C.

For a complete listing of where to watch the game with fellow Vandal fans click here.

Of course, you can also watch it at home on ESPN 2. Tip time between the Vandals and Huskies is scheduled for 11:30 am (MTN) Saturday.