Mataele not practicing because of 'academic issue'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Two days into camp, and head coach Chris Petersen tells us about his first casualty, and it's at a spot where the Broncos can't really afford to lose anyone, the defensive line.

For one reason or another, Boise State lost four players who made at least one start last season, and three who started at least five games.

So, the fact junior college transfer Deuce Mataele hasn't been able to take part in practice is a pretty big deal for Boise State.

"Deuce has an academic issue he's working through, and I don't know a time table on it. As soon as we know anything, we'll let everybody know.

"That's just college football. You're never going, 'oh our depth is great there, and there, across the board we're good.' There's always an area, but hey, we've got great coaches and we've got some good talent here, no matter how this thing turns out, we'll have some guys ready to go," said Petersen.

Tuesday's press conference was interrupted by clanking and the sounds of metal being hammered on the roof of the new football complex.

Construction workers were busy building supports for the new video board that should be installed by the second home game of the season.

"Those are good sounds, that means things are going up here in Bronco-land, so we'll just deal with it. I think it's real exciting. I mean this building is so awesome. It gives everybody new energy to come in here and go to work. And then you see the Jumbotron going up, it's awesome,and I think the fans will really appreciate and enjoy that," added Petersen.