Holt running down records

Hillary Holt gets the same advice as everyone else about their time in college.

"Everybody always tells you that it flies by and you're like 'oh, whatever,' Holt said. "And it doesn't really apply to you."

But the College of Idaho senior is capping off her fabled Yote career on the track.

"It's hard to explain just how great it feels to accomplish some of the things that you do when you run," she said.

Holt is College of Idaho's first-ever NAIA Champion, an 11-time all-american, competed at the U.S. Track and Field Championships, and is a four-time conference champion in the 1,500 meter run. But that's just the tip of the iceberg for Holt, who picked the school because of the head coach.

"My high school coach told me Pat McCurry is the best coach in the country and you should go run for him," she said.

"She came in here four years ago and by the end of her freshman year decided she wanted to be really good at this," McCurry said. "And she put in a lot of extra work and just brought that work ethic to a whole different level."

Holt competes in multiple events, including relays, but she has two favorites.

"I do the 1,500 because it's my specialty and do the 800 because I love it," she said.

She's also driven by one fear.

"I definitely do not like to lose," she said. "Losing is the worst feeling in the entire world."

While college is ending, it is a time for the Exercise Science major to look back and reflect.

"Freshmen and sophomore year I never really thought it was possible but as my career is coming to a close this is really special," she said.

Her career isn't over yet. The NAIA Championships are in two weeks and Holt plans to keep competing afterwards.